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beautiful meghalaya

Meghalaya means the ‘Abode of Clouds’ in its own right. The name is derived from the Sanskrit words, 'megha' (which means 'clouds') and 'alaya' (which means 'dwelling' or 'abode').

A paradise personified on Earth, Meghalaya is a place for nature enthusiasts and those looking for serenity, beauty, greenery and peace in the lap of nature. Its picturesque sights span across like a canvas that was painted by God himself. It is a hill station tucked away in the North-eastern part of India that most people might not be aware of. What makes this place so distinct is its high green-blue mountains standing majestically against the crystal blue sky during daytime and a star-studded sky during late evenings and nightfall. Beautiful and mesmerizing in its truest sense, Meghalaya has the ability to hypnotize you and hold you back within its abode for as long as you desire to.